MohitJoyesh Purty (September 28 2012 at 11:57pm)

Nice one!

Rakesh Kalundia (September 29 at 12:34am)

heartily thanks for developing a website on “Ho” Tribe. Really it will prove to be a milestone for us ………

Tukoon Sirka (September 29 at 12:44am)

I like this website!!

Lakshmi Dorai Buru (September 29 at 12:48am)

nice work……….liked it………

Nishant Sinku (September 29 at 12:49am)

lovely site……..loved it…..its professional tooo..:DD

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very nice site…!!!

Mukesh Birua (September 29 at 8:55am)

good effort

Kapil Kandeyang (September 29 at 9:07am)

Just Visited it,nice one . Good Effort Bauteo !!!!

Laxmidhar Singh (September 29 at 12:18pm)

esu bania adayena nel ked teh…

MohitJoyesh Purty (September 29 at 12:49pm)

Nice initative

Subuddhi HO Honhaga (September 29 at 5:45pm)

good work , i will give my feedback later 🙂

(September 29 at 6:07pm)

check my album there in my FB profile.

(September 29 at 9:18pm)

…And best thing, till date this is the best sites i am seeing about HO people by a HO ,Your every description is very nice , Picture are really nice . And for any further help i am very much happy to help you.

Guru C Naik (September 29 at 7:24pm)

Very good. Very informative

Anil Hembram (September 29 at 11:48pm)

bahut acha laga!prayass jari rakhiye..!

Lalit Kumar Bari (September 30 at 11:57am)

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very informative….

Indrajit Bage (October 1 at 1:19am)

_/\_ Great Work… Simply Superb.. Awesome.
A lot lot of information a naive like me..
Will Surely Suggest this acquaintances within my reach to know about our community and culture better.
Please keep the website fresh and Active.
Meanwhile i will go thoroughly and suggest any improvement possible.

Mahesh Purty (October 1 at 4:12am)

Really it’s great initiative. But I would be please to suggest you to add in your website introduction that there is an area called Sukinda(now it’s some parts are also known as Kalinga Nagar) of Jajpur district of Odisha are also well populated by Ho communities along with Mayurbhanj and Kendujhar District of Odisha.

MohitJoyesh Purty (October 1 at 11:46am)

If possible then include (Warang Chiti character and alphabet) hope it will make some contribution in Ho literate rate.

Nitu Samad (October 1 at 11:57pm)

nice site….

Falcon Birua (October 4 at 3:25am)

bro. Great work indeed..


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(October 19 at 9:14am)

Mere paas kuchh photographs hain … mauka mile to main aapko mail karta hun.

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esu baniyen photo gallery.

Sitaram Sinku (October 20 at 9:19am)

a great effort. Congratulations for the good work done. It will help many to update their knowledge on cultures and the practices. In the time to come it will only become better and better. I had two querries:
1. I have not come across the practice of “Keya anader” being done before the dead body is cremated. I would be happy if you can further deliberate on this, as to in which area such practices are followed.
2. I am not sure whether the Great Indian Hornbill is available in the Jharkhand area, the photo of which you have included in the photo gallery.

Harihar Boipai (November 14 at 3:50pm)

Aapka Ho website dekha. Bahut informative hai.Ek chota sa doubt hai……..Ho Bhasa, kya West Bengal meh bhi bholi jathi hai?

Laxmidhar Singh (November 14 at 5:04pm)

there are Ho speaking people in West Bengal…though nos are very small.. i think around 40000..

Harihar Boipai (November 15 at 7:13pm)

Hum aapiki is koshish me hum saath hai.

Motay Banra (November 24, 2012 2:29 AM) ईमेल से

JOHAAR GE….! I have no any idea about all, whatever I am doing this time. I really don’t know about you all. But I liked to send you something which I had. whatever I sent you that is usefull for u or not, I don’t know also. but I wants to say ”thanks” you all for everything you have done. I am like a baby to understand about all whatever you are doing. I don’t know what to say and I think you will never mind my useless talk.

Suraj Banra (Nov 26, 2012) ho tribe फेसबुक पेज से

I was searching for a site which belongs to HO people i.e, site belongs to my people or belongs to me. finally I got it. It feels me good whenever I open this site as I feel it belongs to me actually. I respect people from my heart those are responsible for this creation and if they will be able to read my this conversation anytime, I would like to say…. aapeman ko a-su a-ssu pura-e JOHAAR…..!!!

Brijesh Jerai (Nov 29, 2012) ईमेल से



Here I’m attaching some ho related photographs
thank you

Gurucharan Gundua (Jan 24, 2013) फेसबुक पेज से

hiiiiiiiii……….. ur web site is really awesome.

Samson Sundi (Oct 06, 2016) ईमेल से

Dear Admin (hotribe.com)

I am very happy to see your website. It is a very good initiative for business purposes and for most importantly to make people aware about our culture.

I hope it will make a great change in coming years among the “Ho Tribes”. I do not know who you are but I certainly know that whoever you are, you have a vision for our “Ho Tribes”.

I pray to god that you may accomplish your goals in order to serve and help out “Ho Tribe” fraternity.

A suggestion; Include Vision and Mission in website (it will be more effective in order to engage people)